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About Georgia
Georgia gained independence with the downfall of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. The country is located near the border region of Europe and Asia, in what is known as the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Mountains on the north of the country make the weather in the area cold, whereas the southern and Western parts experience warmer climates throughout the year.
Medical Universities in Georgia
European Teaching University
East European Teaching University (EEU) is a private university founded and accredited in 2012 in Georgia that strives for academic excellence and integrity in teaching and research.
New Vision University
The mission of the NVU shall be the expansion of human vision through promotion of education, research and innovation. The institution operates as a nonprofit educational institution.
Fee Summary of Georgia Universities
Our Services
Documents Required
  • » We provide you with the official invitation letter from the desired university.
  • » We take care of all attestations by State HR, Ministry and Embassy.
  • » Arrangement of the visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • » We provide all the answers to your questions about universities either through mail or by phone.
  • » We provide complete guidance to the students while they are going through the visa process
  • » We send our special representative on the airport to receive the students and bring them to their universities safe and sound.
  • » Accommodation arrangement in university hostel.
  • » Medical Insurance, health care test, Police registration.
  • » Support during the entire period of study.
  • » Application form for the university.
  • » Diploma of High School which allows the access of the candidate to the respective education program- copy of the original language diploma and legalized translation in English if the original document is not in English.
  • » Birth certificate: copy and legalized translation if not in English.
  • » Copy of passport - valid at least 6 months after the date when the letter of acceptance to studies is issued.
  • » Two passport photos (3/4 cm).
  • » A self-addressed envelope containing the exact address (family name, first name, city/town, street, number, postal code, country).